14 October 2009

Why does no one complain about the real problem illegal immigrants?

I am of course talking about overstayers - people, mostly from developed countries, who come into this country on tourist visas and never leave or massively overstay their visa. Then there are also all of those who come into this country legally on tourist visas but illegally work, depriving the Australian government of taxation revenue, for a start. I knew one guy from Scotland who did just that. In the construction industry this is a huge problem that the fuckwits at the ABCC do nothing about.

The debate on illegal immigration always turns to those who coming in by sea, yet they make up the smallest numbers of the problem. If I read one more letter to the editor about "boat people" and how they're "taking our jobs" and going to make everything bad happen I think I will vomit - hopefully on one of those right-wing maggot letter-writers.

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