20 September 2010

one month on

Well you'd think by the fact that it's taken me a month to write anything that the Federal Election was a disappointment. That's not entirely the case as the electoral success of the Greens around the country was a highlight, considering the appalling performance of the Australian Labor Party.

It also appears that despite a large swing against the ALP that Tony Abbott didn't get a huge swing to the Liberal/National coalition either. That's a relief. On a two-party basis the ALP got more votes (just).

The Greens have a good industrial relations policy. In particular, their promise to get rid of the ABCC is the reason why so many unions have gone cold on the ALP. The ETU in Victoria even donated money to the Greens campaign and helped to get Adam Bandt elected to the seat of Melbourne against another former trade union official in Cath Bowtell formerly of the ACTU.