25 October 2009

Declaring war

Tonight I declare war on morons who cannot spell.

"Your" is not the same as "you're". I am so sick of morons who cannot spell. Did these drop kicks go to school? Why must I constantly read bad spelling? Is it that hard to know the difference? No, it's not. Engage your brain before you type something! Argghhh!


Anonymous said...




Aussie Unionist said...


Anonymous said...

Declaring war?

How sad.

Why don't you help people with their spelling and grammer?


Aussie Unionist said...

Declaring war: The same way the Chaser team declared "war on everything". Get a sense of humour.

Please don't make assumptions. I do help people with their spelling and grammar. Some people appreciate it and some don't.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you publish this or not but I just wanted to say that you would have to be the biggest wanker in the history of the Union movement (if in fact you really are a unionist that is).

Cos I have been reading your blog for months now and I can tell you somthing - if you actually are a unionist it will be some union that covers 'professional's' cos with an attitude like yours you would last about five minutes at my workplace. Fucking correcting peoples spelling indeed!

Aussie Unionist said...

Hahahahaha...thanks for reading my blog for months.

I publish all comments unless they're discriminatory or the like. I also don't publish comments if I think there's nothing more useful to be added on a topic.

The biggest wanker in the history of the union movement eh? That means about zero coming from someone who's more anonymous than myself.

Personally, I think the biggest wanker in the union movement is Paul Howes. Thanks for sharing your comments.