08 January 2009

Why are they called the Labor Party?

I often wonder why the Australian Labor Party calls itself thus any more. The release of the Fair Work Bill into parliament showed that whilst Prime Minister Kevin Rudd thinks Work Choices went too far, he is not that keen on winding all of it back.

This, coupled with the dog's breakfast that is award modernisation, makes me wonder what the whole point of the Your Rights at Work campaign was. I gave up a lot of my time and effort to get a government voted in that couldn't give a flying fuck about people like me and my generation. I work and I am single so I didn't get any free money in December (the poorly targeted save our economy monies thrown at families and pensioners). I know there are a lot of grumblings from people on this. That money could have been better spent on a fixing our schools, hospitals. You name it.

Full marks to the Greens and Senator Christine Milne. It appears only they have the courage to stand up and fight for workers' rights. Only the Greens are backing construction unions in their fight to get rid of the fascist Australian Building and Construction Commission. The ALP has forsaken these workers to intimidation and harassment by this secret police. Building workers have less rights than accused terrorists. Shame, ALP. A fucking disgrace.