17 October 2009

The tax dodge needs to stop

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the tax perks for certain employees working in the not-for-profit sector just reinforced my opinion that this rort needs to be stopped.

This perk was designed for the not-for-profit sector to help them attract staff as the pay many charities pay is obviously low. The problem is that employees such as those working for church run hospitals and even the publicly funded health system also get access to this perk - and they're not badly paid.

This also skews the market. Private hospitals owned by companies pay roughly the same as the church owned ones yet the church owned hospitals can give their employees extra perks that the company owned hospitals cannot.

I'm not going into bat for capitalists. I just believe it shouldn't be all workers footing the bill for some well-paid workers to get an extra tax perk. The tax perks need to be removed and any staff attraction issues in the genuine not-for-profit sector can be dealt with by proper government funding!! I think you'd find the church owned private hospitals and government run health would still attract staff - the pay is still way higher than aged care.

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