19 August 2010

typical lies and bullshit from Miranda Devine

to quote her most recent post on SMH

"What the green movement has done to Tasmania's timber industry, it will do to the rest of the country. Those purported 13 per cent of people planning to vote for the Greens on Saturday had better understand exactly what they are voting for. It's not about saving trees. It's about ''moving backwards'' to the dark ages."

Tasmania's timber industry was from the Dark Ages. One of the most backwards industries you can have. I am still trying to find the Greens policy entitled 'Taking us to the Dark Ages' or anything of that nature. Funnily enough, it doesn't exist, except in Ms Devine's twisted head.

The Greens embrace technology like no other party ever has. And yet they somehow want to take us back to the Dark Ages. Bit of a contradiction there, don't you think?

17 August 2010

sad state of affairs...

Well this unionist is pretty pissed off. The last election saw the ALP re-elected after years of conservative rule and their attempt to destroy the trade union movement.

This time around the only thing I am interested in is seeing how well the Greens do and a secondlys hoping Tony Abbott doesn't become Prime Minister.

I tire of the ACTU being so blatantly pro-ALP despite the fact that there are other parties, including a 'major' minor party in the Greens, offering better policies for workers. Instead of educating workers on how the preferential voting system works (ie a vote for the Greens or socialists etc is not a wasted vote) they basically paint it as ALP v Libs.

Anyway, here's a good video explaining how preferential voting works for the House of Representatives.