11 October 2009

Catholic chemist won't sell the pill

A chemist in Griffith won't sell the pill or the emergency morning-after pill because of his Catholic faith. This is bullshit. If you're going to provide a public service, where most of your products are government subsidised, or even free to low income earners, then you've no right to shove your belief systems onto others' bodies.

What if this was a town with only one pharmacy? What would be the option for women then? If you have some moral objection to selling some kind of legal drug then don't become a pharmacist. It's that simple.

Next we'll be hearing of chemists who won't sell drugs to schizophrenics because under their beliefs these mentally ill people are really possessed.

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Anonymous said...

It always surprises me that people can manage to go three or four years of learning how to be a scientist, and then utterly fail at applying the critical thinking skills they (should) have learned over that time to the non-academic portion of their lives.

In this case it's even more sad because this 'chemist' can't even apply it to his own trade.