29 August 2009

well this nearly made me vomit

Every now and then an article will come along on the internet which will remind me of who I am and what I am not. This article about young people in the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy made my blood boil for so many reasons.

So to Geraldine Lowe, Michelle Martinkovits, Tom Kwok, Thomas Flynn, Jal Martinkovits and Chomg MaBen I say that I will remember your faces by putting your photo into this blog. You represent everything that I despise. You're Liberal and monarchist and don't even have the excuse of being old and twisted like Prof David Flint.

And seriously, singing God Save the Queen? What the fuck? It's not our national anthem - if you love the Queen so much then move to the United Kingdom.

26 August 2009

The Australian - the attack dog of the Australian business community

Barely a day goes by without The Australian attacking some aspect of the new Fair Work regime brought in by the Rudd Government. Their attacks on the union movement are relentless. Leaving aside the obvious bias my big gripe is the fact we've barely had 8 weeks of the new laws yet according to this paper the whole world is going to cave in. Their self-serving survey of bosses was laughable.

In one article the paper says that we're going back to the 1960s. What absolute rubbish. I don't see compulsory unionism. I don't see centralised wage fixing. Yes, we're entering a new era. But it is far more accountable and transparent than Howard's laws. This is what scares the hell out of the business community. They actually have to abide by decent laws!

23 August 2009

Paul Howes wants a nuclear future for Australia

According to the AWU website National Secretary Paul Howes wants Australia to become a super-power of energy by mining way more uranium and building nuclear power plants.

Self serving drivel - you bet! Which union covers uranium mining? What a coincidence - it's the AWU! Sure Paul, let's mine more uranium. Let's have the stuff flowing like water...it's not as if nuclear materials are used for anything other than energy...

Oh wait, they're used in weapons that could wipe us off the face of this planet. No mention of the dangers from Paul. Funny that.

20 August 2009

Now Australian industry Group cares about democracy?

Give me a fucking break! Heather Ridout, in her latest rant (click here), says that Fair Work Australia should stop interfering in votes for non-union agreements and wants to "...stop unions frustrating the democratic rights of employers and employees."

Unions are intervening because employers are not bargaining with them in good faith as required by the new Fair Work Act. If Fair Work Australia issues orders to stop a ballot it is because there is no other option. Basically her argument is that it's okay for employers to breach the law and not bargain as required under the Act and when the union wants a remedy for this breach of law they're stopping democracy. How absurd!

And since when did employers give a flying fuck about democracy? We didn't see them jump up and down during the height of Work Choices when employees had no democratic rights and had to cop what the bosses wanted.

Ms Ridout your hysteria is rotten and hypocritical nonsense. Grow a brain.

07 August 2009

Another lovely story about the Australian Workers Union

I was talking to a contact of mine who deals with the AWU. They told me the lovely story of how an employer wants to bid on certain construction work and they along with the AWU want to terminate the current union collective agreement and put in place a new one that pays lower. Just when all these warm fuzzy stories of alliances between unions have been doing the rounds, it's nice to know the true colours of the so called workers' union of Australia.