13 February 2010

hands up if you like Miranda Devine?

I don't. She has an inflated sense of importance only matched by her rampant conservatism.

She talks about right-wing tool Alex Hawke in the following terms:

"...a man whose "extremism" runs to being a Catholic who attends Mass, is married to a member of Opus Dei, and holds conservative social positions in line with much of the electorate."

Ummm..dumb arse....that makes you pretty fucking extreme. Opus Dei are a right wing cult. No one attends mass in Australia and this leads to my next point - you can hardly have conservative positions in line with much of the electorate if you're going to church every week. Only 9% of us bother going.

Devine revels in the notion of the electorate being conservative deep down, when in reality most people just don't give a shit.

08 February 2010

should these men be in jail?

4 men and a cafe have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for persistent bullying that led to the suicide of a young waitress. More on this can be found in this Age article.

I don't know all of the details so I cannot comment on this case. But it is about time people are held to account for their actions. Bullying that bad, that pushes someone over the edge, deserves jail time. Physical and emotional bullying are bullshit that so many workers have to endure because bosses want to sweep it under the rug or, in some cases like this, they even actively participate in it.

So I say jail the fuckers. These cowards wouldn't last two seconds incarcerated. I think this is one time when the threat of jail actually will help.