29 August 2009

well this nearly made me vomit

Every now and then an article will come along on the internet which will remind me of who I am and what I am not. This article about young people in the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy made my blood boil for so many reasons.

So to Geraldine Lowe, Michelle Martinkovits, Tom Kwok, Thomas Flynn, Jal Martinkovits and Chomg MaBen I say that I will remember your faces by putting your photo into this blog. You represent everything that I despise. You're Liberal and monarchist and don't even have the excuse of being old and twisted like Prof David Flint.

And seriously, singing God Save the Queen? What the fuck? It's not our national anthem - if you love the Queen so much then move to the United Kingdom.


Richard Ryan said...

AH well Australia loves it's QUEENS

Aussie Unionist said...

Hmmm...not sure what that means. Am I meant to be insulted or not? hahaha...