20 August 2009

Now Australian industry Group cares about democracy?

Give me a fucking break! Heather Ridout, in her latest rant (click here), says that Fair Work Australia should stop interfering in votes for non-union agreements and wants to "...stop unions frustrating the democratic rights of employers and employees."

Unions are intervening because employers are not bargaining with them in good faith as required by the new Fair Work Act. If Fair Work Australia issues orders to stop a ballot it is because there is no other option. Basically her argument is that it's okay for employers to breach the law and not bargain as required under the Act and when the union wants a remedy for this breach of law they're stopping democracy. How absurd!

And since when did employers give a flying fuck about democracy? We didn't see them jump up and down during the height of Work Choices when employees had no democratic rights and had to cop what the bosses wanted.

Ms Ridout your hysteria is rotten and hypocritical nonsense. Grow a brain.

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