02 September 2009

“I contend also that when the labor movement ceases to be a Cause and becomes a business, the end product can hardly be called progress.”

Those words were spoken by the writer of Solidarity Forever, Ralph Chaplin. He has a point and it makes me think about the labour movement in Australia and throughout the world - sometimes it definitely feels like a business here. I work for a union because I believe in the cause. Most of my comrades feel the same.

You can tell those that are only in it for the bucks. They end up leaving, like one former colleague, and working for the bosses. He is now dirt to me, well more dirt. Never liked him in the first place. If the union movement gets taken over by the business types, then it ceases to be a movement or a cause and is nothing but a hollow shell with no soul - just like a corporation.


Anonymous said...


Great blog.

I really enjoy it and like most of the things you have to say.

What Union do you work for?

Keep up the good work - fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

I have been a lefty all of my working life, and am now retired thank Christ.

The union movement was for me through out that whole working life, just a big dissapointment.

Most unions are full of "Agent Provocateurs" and some of the officials I have known, have been only interested in using the movement to further their own ambitions.

I could write a book on the times I have contacted oficials in the past, and didn't even recieve the courtesy of a reply, only even if it was to tell me to get rooted.

The uniom movement has/is dying a death, nothing now can save it.

No where is this more clearly visable with the election of the Rudd government.We all had great expectations of change, but it will be more of the same.

Some of the more colorful union officials that have sprung up over time, have made the labor movement look like a modern day mafia,some of them should have been taken around the back of a factory some where and shot.

The union movement R.I.P.

Aussie Unionist said...

Shame about your attitude anonymous number 2. I cannot agree with your comments.

Anonymous said...

Aussie Unionist ha ha why doesn't that surprise me?

You keep living the lie mate.

Good luck.

Aussie Unionist said...

Mate, you can be bitter and twisted. I don't care. I'll keep fighting the good fight and you can sit on the sidelines complaining. Sounds like you're good at that.

Anonymous said...

Here's a hot flash for you MATE! I am still a member of the union in the retired x members section.

I was fighting the good fight in the union movement for workers compensation, and the forty hour week in Baghdad, while you were still dadsbag.

So spare me the bullshit.

The union movement is finished, and your opinion on that salient fact matters not a jot.To deny the union movement is fading at a rate of knots is delusional.

The scum bags that seem to permeate the executive of any union, have brought it on themselves.They are, and have become, as corrupt as the scum bag businesses that have been screwing over workers since the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Mate.

Aussie Unionist said...

This is the last I will say on this matter. Debate some other point with me instead because this thread has done its dash.

The union movement is not dying out despite your protestations to the contrary. Some areas are contracting but others such as nursing, teaching and other professions are growing rapidly. New unions are being formed - just this week Virgin pilots formed a new union.

So spare me your pessimism.

Frankly, I don't know why you're in the retired members section if you think the movement is dead - probably because it's free or a nominal charge

Anonymous said...

Free or nominal charge eh!

Go and fuck yourself wank stain.

You supcillious ignoramus cunt!

After that I wont debate the time of day with you.

Aussie Unionist said...

The beauty of this being my blog is that I can have the last word. I normally don't allow that sort of crap but always get a chuckle when other people resort to abusive behaviour when they cannot think of anything clever to say.

Don't bother responding - it won't see the light of day.

And to the first anonymous, sorry but I don't share where I work - I enjoy my anonymity like you :-)