19 December 2009

The race for the top job of the ACTU

Well the way some left-wing unions are sooking you'd think the world had ended because Ged Kearney has gotten the nod over Cath Bowtell to replace Sharan Burrow as president of the ACTU

I have met both Kearney and Bowtell over the years and both were worthy of the job. However, it must be said that Kearney has the polish which Bowtell doesn't have. Bowtell is more a behind the scenes person. She knows her stuff but doesn't have the media experience. The ANF are a big union. Burrows was formerly president of the teachers' union - Kearney is also leader of a large white-collar union.

Having said all of that Bowtell has far more personality than Jeff Lawrence. Maybe he could bugger off, instead of the other ideas the Right unions have of creating another Assistant Secretary spot. Seriously, Jeff Lawrence is about as exciting as watching wet cement dry.

Paul Howes has also once again shown himself to be a whinger. When he grows some stubble maybe he'll have some cred.

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