18 December 2009

everyone will blame Labor

If the analysis by the "left-wing" SMH is anything to go by then we're going to see the media get stuck into the ALP for the recent bate of strikes. And we're also going to see half-truths and facts conveniently forgotten, such as

1. In the postie strike the plan was to have mail be delivered even if there was no stamp. Australia Post threatened any employee who did this with a deduction of their entire pay! The Fair Work Act 2009 allows employers to deduct pay for bans, but only on a proportionate basis to the action. So the posties said they'd strike instead - these facts seem to be missed in the article linked to above.

2. The strikes being undertaken were legal under Howard's laws too. Indeed many workers have had to jump through hoop after hoop to have their industrial action. It is coincidence they're occurring at the same time, in part. The Aus Post workers would've been on the grass months ago if management hadn't appealed decisions of Fair Work Australia to the Full Bench.

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