22 November 2009

Bosses attack Go Home on Time Day

I imagine the boss' preference would be a Kiss My Ass Day. David Gregory from ACCI said

"I think the Go Home on Time Day is just a cheap stunt and I would hope not too many people take part."
If people like David got their way we wouldn't have a safety net for low-paid workers and unpaid overtime would be the case for everyone in every industry. Why is it that he doesn't want people to actually go home on time? Is he saying bosses should ignore the law and force people to work overtime?

It's not a "cheap stunt" David. 'Go Home on Time Day' has been proposed by The Australia Institute to remind workers about the health, social and economic sacrifices of unpaid overtime.

You can work your 20 hour day David. I can't say I care too much about your ilk.

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