18 November 2009

bargaining under the Fair Work Act

Now we have laws which mean the bosses cannot circumvent us and our members, it is funny to see what morons they're using for advice. I am dealing with one particular wanker. He clearly has no concept of what unions are or how we operate (or how to write a simple agreement when we basically told him to just combine the previous short one with the award).

His angry emails do give me a chuckle. I've never read an email telling me so many times how the employer is "disappointed" and wants to work towards mutually beneficial outcomes. I really couldn't care less about an employer rep's feelings.

I also think he has too much time on his hands. Who emails for work purposes at 10.45pm? I'd say a person who works too hard but he responds to my email way too quickly.

But he is "Managing Director" of his own $2 company...wow...that'll make me respect him, not.

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