06 May 2009

May Day

So another May Day has come and gone with the typical celebrations around the world. And whilst Kevin Rudd is throwing away money at everyone, workers still have to worry about whether they will be able to provide for their families should they have a child.

This is because paid parental leave still hasn't been guaranteed by the Federal Government in the upcoming budget. Australia and the USA are the only countries in the OECD to not have some form of government sponsored paid parental leave.

It's really a no-brainer and the ACTU and unions with large female memberships have taken up the fight. It's a shame that other unions haven't taken up the fight more, although it's not that surprising. The Productivity Commission has supported it so let's hope a government actually reads a report it commissions, for once, and takes up the opportunity to support workers who want to take time off to have a family.

The only question is what sort of scheme. There are heaps of models out there with their pros and cons.

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