19 May 2009

ABCC prosecuting union members

A rank and file member of the CFMEU in South Australia is being prosecuted by the Australian Building and Construction Commission for refusing to attend an interview. That's right - he wanted to exercise his democratic right to silence and is now being prosecuted for exercising a fundamental right in western democracies.

Whilst it is the Liberal and National parties that took away basic rights in the construction industry, it is the Labor Party that continues these draconian and despicable attacks on human rights.

As CFMEU Construction state secretary Martin O'Malley said, the member was "just an ordinary bloke on the tools who doesn't see why he should dob in his mates and go along with laws that are absolutely wrong".

"A guy like that, he doesn't see much sense in why he was out there trying to change the government a couple of years ago and now he's up in court from a John Howard law under a Labor Government," said O'Malley. Couldn't have put it better myself O'Malley.

If convicted the CFMEU member faces up to six months in jail. What a joke. For more information on these bullshit laws check out Rights on Site

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