30 November 2010

TULIP - front for the AWU?

In a pretty pathetic attempt to show that the ACTU is "pro-Israel" the AWU, through its front organisation TULIP has issued a statement about how the new ACTU Assistant Secretary is "pro-Israel".

What the heck is a "pro-Israel" activist? One who supports their actions no matter what? We're talking about a racist state here; the new-apartheid. One side lives in luxury, protected by the army, including stolen lands in the West Bank. The other lives in abject poverty, with high unemployment.

Let's hope that this new Assistant Secretary does not attack the work the of the union movement's charitable arm, Union Aid Abroad APHEDA and their work in Palestine. I wonder if the Zionist stooges in the AWU ever wonder why Palestinians need aid for basic medical supplies and their neighbours in Israel live in 1st world conditions? Probably not.

As an aside you have to love TULIP's statements on boycotts. Hilarious.

Read below (my comments in italics):


1. Because boycotts are counter-productive and strengthen rejectionists and extremists on both sides.

Counter productive, really? Stuff taking an ethical stance on international relations.And if they're so counter-productive then I presume they were a complete failure with dealing with South Africa...oh wait, they weren't.

2. Because boycotts are a blunt instrument and a form of collective punishment.

Yes, they are. That's the point. It'll hopefully get people to pull their finger out.

3. Because the analogy to South Africa is completely false - Israel is not an apartheid state.

If you're Jewish and living in Israel then it's no problem. If you're not Jewish then it can be and certainly is for Palestinians. Replace the words "Jewish" with "white" and "Israel" with "South Africa". Starting to follow yet? If not, then look up the 'Law of Return'.

4. Because what's needed is practical support for efforts to build bridges between Israeli and Palestinian workers and their unions.

I agree. I just don't think you really believe in that. This Crikey article does a very good job explaining why I believe this.

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