16 March 2010

Cath Bowtell quits the ACTU

It is a shame to see Ms Bowtell leave the ACTU after years of service and I can understand her frustration at not getting the top job. The problem is that she is not that media savvy and comes off as a tad...well, boring. Like reading this blog.

Ged Kearney on the other hand has the media smarts and the political edge the ACTU need going forward. It's a shame she'll be working with Captain Boring himself, Jeff Lawrence. He's a nice guy but jeez, he can make even the most interesting topic seem dull.

Mind you, this isn't a problem reserved for the hierarchy of the ACTU. Many state labour councils have the same problem, being run by ALP hacks who lost touch with the realities facing ordinary workers a long time ago, so they could further their own career.

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