30 March 2009

ALP - better the devil you know?

The recent victory of the ALP in Queensland brought home to me just how much hatred there is out there for the Greens from ALP supporters. Online I saw the abuse coming for the Greens who didn't preference the ALP in many seats over their poor environmental policies.

Despite what neo-cons might say the Greens and ALP are miles apart on many issues, including industrial relations - the Greens have a better, fairer policy.

The new Fair Work Act introduced by the Rudd Government does undo many aspects of WorkChoices but it continues others such as

1. Restricting Right of Entry for unions
2. Keeping in place bureaucratic secret ballots for workers to take industrial action (despite Julia Gillard being on public record in opposition opposing secret ballots)
3. Treating building workers differently to other workers

It's way better than WorkChoices yet it doesn't take a genius to see that there's still much more room for improvement.

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