19 July 2008

back to unionism

Well back to what I write about best: Australian unions.

We've had 7 months of the ALP in power and whilst it has been a vast improvement over the forces of darkness my doubts are still persistent particularly with respect to worker rights. There are several areas of concern:

1. The evil Australian Building and Construction Commission still exists, harassing unionists with its coercive powers that are a breach of international labour human rights.

2. No more AWAs can be made but many still exist for those forced to sign before March of this year. These can operate for up to 5 years

3. The new system appears that it will be just as restrictive on union right of entry as the Howard regime.

4. "Prohibited content" still looks like it's a reality in the new laws. Parties should not be told what they can and cannot bargain about.

The recent scape-goating of Dean Mighell of the ETU makes it clear that Rudd and co are no friend of the worker. Time will only tell whether the ACTU is truly prepared to put its money where its mouth is and be just as aggressive with its Your Rights at Work as it has been in the past.

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